Land Surveyors

Land Surveyors layout high-rise buildings, roads and freeways, residential developments, dams, waterways, pipelines, airports, tunnels, commercial and industrial developments. They do specialized work, Boundaries, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Deformation Surveys and Hydrographic Surveys, perform Inspections and As-Built Surveys, Topographic Surveys, work with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Scanners, Drones, Robotic Instruments and Computers.

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Local 12

Local 12 represents a proud brotherhood and sisterhood of experienced, qualified labor union workers and retirees of over 18,000 members. We provide training and certifications for our members. We will fight for higher wages, health and welfare benefits, vacation and holiday, pensions, annuity plan and workplace protection. Our Union Officers have a collective bargaining power to negotiate agreements with union contractors on the behalf of our members.

The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local Union No. 12 was consummated by an executive order of the General President of the International Union of Operating Engineers and approved by the General Executive Board on March 1, 1939.

Throughout the 80 years, the Officers of Local 12 have worked hard to see that the members receive a fair wage, overtime, paid holidays, subsistence pay, health and welfare, burial fund, vacation, pension and annuity benefits.

Local 12 leads the way to the next generation of skilled construction professionals.  We have established training sites in six different locations throughout Southern California and Southern Nevada to train apprentices and retrain journeypersons. Each training site is equipped with various updated equipment with highly qualified instructors.

Our purpose is to provide our well-established contractors with highly qualified members willing to work hard.

With the efforts of all operating engineers, we have created a better world and our members continue to dedicate themselves to improving an even better tomorrow.

Local 12 Office


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Comprehensive Surveying Apprenticeship Instruction

Further your education as an apprentice with Southern California Surveyors Joint Apprenticeship Committee. Our organization delivers results-driven surveying apprenticeship instruction.

Surveyor Apprenticeship

The surveyors apprenticeship program is sponsored by the Operating Engineers, Local Union No. 12, and the Southern California Association of Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors. Apprentices work under a collective bargaining agreement, which provides for fair wages, pension,health care benefits and vacation/holiday pay.

Chainman Apprentice Program
Chainman program apprentices receive 6,000 hours of on-the-job training while employed by engineering, surveying, and construction firms throughout Southern California. They are required to attend related instruction classes after they begin work. Classes may be held two nights a week and some scheduled Saturdays, or they may be held exclusively on Saturdays.

Chief of Party Program
Chief of Party apprentices receive and document 4000 hours of on-the-job training after becoming a chainman while employed by engineering, surveying, and construction firms throughout Southern California. They are also required to attend eight quarters of related instruction classes. After completion of the related instruction and the required hours on the job, they will be reclassified as a party chief.

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Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone:(909) 243-7973