Slide 3D Virtual Tours & Construction Photography Immerse, Collaborate, & Share in 3D Whether you work in architecture, engineering, or construction, you'll be able to streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease. With us, you can also reduce costs and help save the most precious commodity — your time. Experince
The future
Of A.E.C.
  • As-built creation: Capture existing conditions before beginning
    the design phase
  • Measure: Replace lengthy manual measurements with
    an accurate and fast 3D scan
  • Estimation: Speed-up subcontractor estimates by eliminating
    the need for site visits
  • Construction progress: Document and share construction
    progress with owners and collaborators.
  • Communicate Effectively: by
    annotating the 3D model with notes, links, photos, and videos.
  • Remote inspection: Save travel time with remote inspections.
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    Standard methods of construction documentation are expensive to deploy when you factor in the cost of labor and the extra steps needed to close the information gap. We bring a cost effective solution to the table that allows you to capture a complete picture of the project that you can seamlessly share that with all of the project stakeholders.

    What sets the Culver Group apart from other companies is our ability to scan outdoors as well as the interior spaces of projects. Capturing large projects inside and out.

    When compared to 2D photography, our interactive walkthroughs are far superior because a user can self-navigate through a space as if they were actually there. The 3D Dollhouse, floor plan views, and self-directed navigation provide superior context of the job site. The 3D tours are also automatically available in virtual reality.

    Optimize BIM Modeling in Revit for Complex Construction Projects

    Due to the accuracy of the point cloud, field measurements in the future will be minimized, cutting time spent by 60%. This reference material is immediately at hand without having to manage any image files. And modeling with both an accurate point cloud and high-definition is the key to modeling effeciency.


    TL Circle Architecture firm results using this technology

    Scanning 60% Faster than Hand Measuring, Point Clouds Speed Revit Modeling by 40%. With similar projects, modeling in Revit with hand measurements would have taken 4-5 days to trace over the as built. With the point cloud, it took 2 days. Cut field-to-finish time by 50% and Enhances BIM process in Revit


    • Cut Field to Finish time by 50%50%
    • 60% Faster than Hand Measuring60%
    • Speed Revit Modeling by 40%40%