Slide Exceeding the Expectations Building Information Modeling BIM BIM is one of the most transformative enhancements to the process of design, construction and maintenance of large sale projects over the past 30 years. It provides a virtual representation of a facility's physical and functional characteristics in 3D, 4D and 5D. WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES Our Specialty
  • As-built conditions
  • Asset management information
  • clash detection and resolution
  • construction documentation
  • MEP coordination
  • Inspection

  • BENIFITS Just to Name a Few Accurate representation of an existing environment. Improved visualization of objects or facilities. Increased productivity and coordination of information. Reduced conflicts and changes during construction. Decreased project costs EXPERIENCED Team Player CAD specialists and project managers work with the leading architects and engineers to enhance designs, contractors to deliver projects on time and under budget, and facility managers to improve operational efficiencies and quality of service.