Slide METROLOGY HIGH PRECISION MEASUREMENTS +/- 0.0006 INCHES Metrology, by definition, is the science of measurement. Precise measurements are an important part of all industries today and the need of measuring specialist is ever increasing. We use the latest laser tracker, total station and spatial analyzer equipment and software to provide fast and reliable measurements for our clients. EXPERIENCE We Know What it Takes Most construction, maintenance and installation projects require the provision of survey control and continuing activities such as the precise layout of major components. We specialize in the 3D measurement, alignment and guiding the installation of machinery, plant, assembly lines, structures, overhead cranes, tanks, silos, machinery, tools and fixtures. BENEFITS, of having us on your team Precision of the highest degree to ensure safety, accuracy, and on-budget completion. A mastery of modern technology and timeless principles allows us to provide you with a detailed plan tailored to your needs. Our experienced team, comprehensive process, and well-established standards ensure that we help our clients smoothly and easily navigate the process. We will provide your team with highly-detailed, design-ready digital files tailored to your exacting standards. GET STARTED