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At the Culver Group, we bring innovation, speed, and precision to every surveying project we undertake. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver the most accurate results possible, quickly and efficiently.

From Field to Finish, we are there with you every step of the way with your project. We are committed to providing top-tier surveying services that enable our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Conventional Survey

Accurate surveying provides essential project data for informed construction management decisions

3D Laser Scanning

Advanced scanning technology creates precise 3D models for as-built site documentation.

Mapping & modeling

Accurately view and measure your project with Topographic Maps and BIM Model data rich in detail

Laser Metrology

Sub-millimeter measurements used by aerospace and aviation industry.
[+/-0.0006 a Inch]

Building Success Together

the Culver Group is a true team player, working in partnership with our clients to deliver the highest standards of personal attention and professional practice. For successful project completion on time and within budget, selecting the Culver Group is always a sound decision.

From Layout to As-Built

Surveying precision of the highest degree to ensure safety, accuracy, and on-budget completion. A mastery of modern technology and timeless principles allows us to provide you with a detailed plan tailored to your needs. Our experienced team, comprehensive process, and well-established standards ensure that we help our clients smoothly and easily navigate the process. We will provide your team with highly-detailed, design-ready digital files tailored to your exacting standards. 

Scan to bIM

Visualize Your Data

Accurate as-built scanning, modeling, and mapping are critical to successful construction projects, providing valuable data for design, planning, and decision-making, while minimizing errors and delays. By utilizing advanced scanning technology paired with topographic surfaces and 3D modeling, construction teams can better visualize project details, optimize construction processes, and ensure project completion on time and within budget.

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The Culver Group is a full serviced Surveying company that has been providing professional services to public agencies and private clients  throughout the state of California Since 1987.

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