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The Culver Group is where experience and technology come together. Take advantage of the latest high tech software and hardware on the market for your next project. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver the highest standards of personal attention and professional practice.

Streamline your time and budget by utilizing the many services that the Culver Group has to to offer.
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Trust over 32 years of Experience

The Culver Group is a full-service land surveying company that has been providing professional services to public agencies and private clients throughout the state of California.

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A PARTNERSHIP YOU CAN COUNT ON With our tradition of dedication, commitment, and professionalism, you can be confident of the results when you have the The Culver Group on your team. Delivering HIGH quality data Advanced technology has significantly increased the accuracy and adaptability of survey methods.

Slide Professional Services Conventional Surveying Land Surveying & Construction Staking Precision layout for your construction project. A vital role in helping you make the leap from plans and blueprints to the actual project work site. READ MORE Lidar and 3D data 3D Laser Scanning Accurately measure and collect data from objects, surfaces, buildings, and landscapes. Delivering accuracy less than a few millimetres providing incredibly accurate and rich detail of every aspect of your project. READ MORE +/- 0.0006 inch accuracy High Precision Measurements Metrology - "Sub-Millimeter Measurements" Used by the Aerospace and Aviation Industries. Take advantage of this cutting edge technology on your next project. READ MORE ALTA Topographic mapping Accurately measure and collect data from objects, surfaces, buildings, and landscapes. Delivering maps that are rich in every detail. READ MORE BIM Building Information Modeling Get the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. READ MORE VR enabled 3D Virtual Tours & Site Photography 4K quality, Virtual Walkthroughs, inside or outside, all through your phone or desktop giving you the ability to be on your site from any location. READ MORE


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